Southsea T-Shirts

As a kid all I wanted to do was play my Mega Drive. My sister and I spent way too long battling it out on Sonic 2, to the point where if I sit down and play it now I still know all the levels. I’m so cool. Here’s a pic of me in 1993 when we got it for Christmas. Again, note how cool I am:


22 years later and I am now showing my love for the Sega Mega Drive and my hometown by getting these rad Southsea T-shirts made.

Sega Southsea02

Now you can get one too by clicking HERE!

Sega Southsea01

And here’s my mate Jenn wearing one:

Sega Southsea04

sega southsea03

Sega Southsea05

Thanks to Stu at Brilens for helping with the t-shirts and Jenn Montz for modelling and generally being a Southsea legend (even though she’s now technically moved to Baffins… Shhhh).

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  2. Mark Persaud says:

    Want! Love this. Where can I buy one??

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