LIMITED TIME ONLY- Handmade Xmas Tree Decorations

Ooh! Look at these brightly coloured thingys! These are handmade felt tree decorations! You can get them made to order. Mix and match the colours and designs and we’ll make it happen! We know it’s only November but this year we wanted to be prepared (for once). We’re only going to be able to make things until December 7th as we’re lucky enough to be going away Aurora Borealis hunting just before Christmas! With a love of all things colourful and pretty, you can imagine how excited Ooberla is!! Unfortunately it does mean there will be no last minute ordering of Ooberla joy :(

Anyway, back to the decorations. Just pick a colour and a design then email us at with your ideas. £3 each, 3 for £7, or a set of all 14 for £26. P&P £3.50 in the UK, will hand deliver for free in Portsmouth area. Each decoration is roughly 7cm diameter and comes ready to hang :) Please click on the picture and LIKE AND SHARE! Thanks x

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